Wedding slideshows with video clips included

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Wedding Slideshows with video clips

We offer wedding slideshows with a difference…We also include short video clips as well as photos which really brings the slideshow to life. As far as we know, we are one of the only photographers in the UK that offer this service. Just click to play and make sure you have the sound up!

You can choose the music for your slideshow so it makes it themed to your wedding. You can use the songs you’re walking down the aisle to, your signing the register music or even your first dance song. We’ve even had brides and grooms use songs they’ve written for each other to make it even more unique.

If you don’t want a full video of your wedding but want a bit more than just photos this is the perfect alternative. You’ll receive an High Definition (HD) slideshow around 12-15minutes long which you can share with friends and family either online or at your house when they come to visit. We video certain parts of the day and edit them into the picture slideshow to create an emotional record of your day set to music of your choice, A lot of brides (and grooms!) end up in tears (of joy!) when they watch the slideshow for the first time after the wedding. There’s no better way to show people your wedding day than in a slideshow set to music! The fact that it’s set to music that is special to you both, makes it an even more emotional experience when you watch it for the first time with friends and family gathered around.

You can choose different themes for the slideshow too…We offer vintage themed slideshows, album style slideshows and standard slideshows amongst others…

See some examples below of the different styles of slideshow that we offer:

See more examples of our slideshows on our Youtube Channel

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